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Performance Friction Brakes Group Buy !!

I have copied these details from the Gtr forum for brake upgrades.There are photos on the Gtr forum(Which I will get hold of for here), under the brake, suspension section. They have a good write up, so wondered what you chaps thought?

Hey guys,

with the deal via Andy Middlehurst, I am pleased to tell you I have organized a group buy of the quality Performance Friction Brakes for us members on the GTROC/SOC.

Background(thanks Andy )

For the people who don’t know Performance Friction are one of the largest brake manufacturers in the world, have a manufacturing facility in the USA, and they design and manufacture not just pad material, but discs and calipers as well.
You will see their brakes being used mainly within the motorsport industry, and they used to supply their friction material to AP Racing before they became direct competitors with the introduction of their discs and calipers a few years ago.
Andy Middlehurst himself has competed with PFC product and rates them highly.

I came across them a year ago when I had my old Mitsubishi EVO, and after several recommendations I decided to buy a set of their 2 piece discs and fast road pads (complete direct replacement disc and pads, so no modifications needed)
I was absolutely gob smacked at how good they were.

The standard EVO brakes with the Brembo calipers were ok for light road use, but I found that once they got hot after pushing on the road or track, they distorted pretty easily plus faded very quickly.

I junked the OEM disc and pads, and replaced them with the PFC goods, and what a difference.
The cold bite properties are good, but of course I was concerned how they would handle the fast road and trackday usage once hot......simply awesome..... and they never let me down on the road or on track.
It was consistent and controlled every single time I went for the brake pedal.

The disc assembly is a 2 piece floating affair, with their direct drive attachment system allowing the disc to expand and contract naturally when it gets hot and of course cool down, as its free to float from the bell.
They also have an anti rattle clip installed so you don’t get the clunking about like you might with a race float application.

I know PFC supply Mines in Japan their product, and George from DCY is running these on his Time Attack car.

They fit on the R34 GTR and R33 GTR, along with the R32 GTR if the late spec Brembo caliper is installed.

Pad wise, we have been offered the PFC 01 track compound (the fast road Z Rated compound is not out for the fronts yet unfortunately) which is a dedicated track compound with fantastic initial bite with zero fade, but with fantastic modulation.
Andy highly recommends these if you are big into your trackdays as they are perfect for that use.

If you require braided hoses and up rated fluid, then that can be provided as well (also fitting if needs be).
With the help of Middlehurst, if we get 6 people we can have 10% off the RRP. for the discs and pads.
If we get 10 people we can have 12.5% off the RRP.

Discs are normally £487 for both.
01 compound front pads are normally £133.16 for front set.

We can have them at £439 for the discs, and £120 for the pads based on 6 people at 10% off.

Please put down what you require below if you are interested.

1.) R32Lee (Discs and pads)

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same ? diff thread

Hi Treg,
lve moved the question over to your tread.:sorry:

D2 Brake are on Ebay from NewZealand aprox 745 GBP delivered.
l've heard that K sport are the same company different colour. and with DS2500 pads for a little more sound good.
the question really is are the floating discs from PFC with standard calipers and good pads are they as good or better than the cheaper 8 pot calipers kits.
And how do l know if l have the later calipers on my R32GTR 1990.
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