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photoshopper needed guys

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can you change the colour of my wheels to just for texvandoodoo pink

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I cant do photoshop, but i can say "cant you get that thing lowered!!?"

i know you like off roading, but please!!
It's being lowered Saturday, thanks tex looks great lol
eh they are bronze arent they??

so black white and gold.. ill see what i can do but im pretty slow with the shop so someone might have it done by the time im done
Here you go bigchief: upload your picture and stick some rims on it!
Let us know which ones you liked or maybe upload some snaps!
here is afew i knocked up tonight for you

first the colours you asked for,




i forgot to do a gold one :eek:

and now some random ones that i was mucking about with

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Now that is what I call help! Good stuff dude! Will keep ya in mind when I need something photoshoped :D
thamks mate, now what colour do i go for lol
bronze looks wicked, but i would have to say the black spokes with the silver insides i like best..

the pink ones are the ones to go :gheyfight:
GO PINK Keith, you know you want to! :gay:
gotta go with the blue dish,ally spokes.matches the sticker, looks cool,blue handbag, job done mate... its gonna look nice lowered
GO PINK Keith, you know you want to! :gay:
would make a change from him going for the brown :rofl:
Will keep ya in mind when I need something photoshoped :D
no bother dude, happy to help anytime i can

am quite sad and actaully enjoy mucking about with photoshop :crazy:

just post up what you want done or PM me it and am sure i can try whatever you want done

Keith, i'll give you a fiver if you get them pink :rofl:
liking the black \ silver
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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