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Pillar pods for gauges

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Anyone know who sells the gauge pillar pod holdes for an R33 GTS-t :cheers:
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Which ones?


Or car specific ones like the GReddy one for dual 60mm ones?
I've brought a 52mm prosport gauge and would like a Skyline line specific holder but if you know of any decent universal
yes i braught one very good fitment and i bargain i must say :D
heres the link...
Well done that man :grinno: Do you drill the holes out for 52mm as well as 60mm. How do the gauges stay in place
yes only downside u gotta drill them, my pods have the plate at the back that adjust on the two screw threads on the pod
Thanks for that, roll on pay day :bananasmile: just out of curiousity what did you cut them out with. Would they not just score out with a good knife?
not a clue, got daddy to do it, i will ask and let u know later, LMAO!
not a clue, got daddy to do it, i will ask and let u know later, LMAO!
best to get a 53mm hole saw mate will take 20 secs to drill and look alot neater than a good knife also could lose a finger lol
also,japsalon on here do a specific one for r33 for your a-pillar,you just specify 52/60mm cos they are diff size gauge holder. they are a trader and i got mine for £55 posted,will get pix tmrw if u want
btw i cut mine out with a dremel,cos theyre usually fibreglass
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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