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Hello!!! I’ve been chasing problems since day one in this car and every time I fix an issue it brings 4 more to light. I found a half of thermostat in the thermostat housing. This is turning out to be more of a project than I expected.

I’ve been chasing an idle issue and after testing today I’ve found out that I’ve got a dead TPS. Everything else’s is reading correctly! Just no return voltage to the ecu.
Most of the sensors that I’ve replaced I’ve been able to find cross overs but I’ve found nothing for the TPS. I can order it from Japan or the UK but I was hoping to be able to find something local. I’ve got to get the issues worked out before my temp tags expired and I need to do emissions.
Does anyone know If there is a cross over part for this in the US? There are some from the 300ZX but can’t find anything that would say that would work for the TPS. Or do you know somewhere in country that I can order one.
Thanks all!
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