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Porsche brembo brakes

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As per title has anyone ever fitted porsche brembo brakes on their R33 GTST?
Is there a fitted kit that's not silly £2k plus
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Do you feel you really need bigger brakes? I've changed mine to MTEC J hook discs front and back plus EBC yellow pads.
Quite a noticeable difference in the braking performance...
They might be a bit overkill but are potentially free calipers so seeing what options I have.
It can be done, you just need a custom adapters. Are they Radial mount calipers?.
I know some of the GTR peeps have fitted them, similar mounting to the Brembo F50s (if Radial)

try they may be able to help with the adapters if they are the same as the F50's
also don't forget to check what bolts are needed, for the adapters you end up using.
I tried them but it's not something they can do or get hold of unfortunately
I went through my old receipts and mps racing made my custom mounts years ago, they still seem to be active through ebay and found this.
might be worth emailing them??

Nice one. Worth a try (y)
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