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Portsdown Hill, regular meets

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often see a lot of 33s and 34s up on Portsdown Hill, wondering if theres any regular/weekly meets up there at all

basically i just want an excuse to drive the car more often :lol:

anyone up there regularly?
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not me but could go down there :bigthumb:
Same here, see a few Skylines on the hill, but never hear of any meets.

Are there any organised meets on the hill or anywhere else come to that around the Portsmouth area?

Would certainly be interested!
there is that host meets every month, great bunch, might be worth signing up there :) also a fair few of them around portsmouth/waterlooville way and sometimes some spontaneous meets :)
Have you been to any of the meets hosted by Hampshire Jap Cars?

Will have a look on the forum, thanks for the info. :bigthumb:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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