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whats up folks:wave:

yes im i noob to the site.i had a 400bhp altezza running a hks gt-rs turbo but thats gone now:( .i bought a skyline 95 gt-st in japan about a week ago and im just using it for drifting so i didnt really care what it looked here it is..

the spec is coilovers,fmic,full,exhaust,hks filter and a oil cooler.

heres the set up im thinking off doing-

GT2835 pro S a/r 68.
de-cat pipe
screamer pipe
hks turbo elbow
uprated fuel pump
550cc injectors
apexi power fc
fuel pressure reg
z32 maf sensor.

im only looking for about 350-400 at the fly which im pretty sure i can get with this set up.

give me yours thoughts on what ye's think:notworthy

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hi mate welcome, thats a good spec for a drift car im just getting one myself, if its got a t3 flange it will but you will have to modify the elbow, and the water and oil lines :D

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the hks 2835 pro s will come with a elbow
dunno how you gonna mount the hks elbow and a screamer at the same time
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