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I couldn't find a thread where to post pics specifically of R34 GTT's, so here it is!
Post pics of good looking R34 GTT's, and of course your own GTT's.

It would be nice with specs on body / aero kits and wheels.

Here's mine to start with.
Bomex bodykit with R34 GTR front.
OZ Ultraleggera, 18x8.5" front and 18x9.5" in rear.
Dropped, a lot with HKS coilovers.


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GTT in the 4 door variety. :wtf:

Ian. :D

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Too late...They're gone!
I was umming and erring about it, but then Davie photoshopped them off for me in another thread and it looked so much better so I got rid of them :)

You can see it in the pic with the GTR :)

Your red 34 is loverrrly!
They look so nice in red with carbon and black bits...Well done you :bigthumb:

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Heres a few of mine over the last year.

Hope you find these ok?

The first 3 are from my Total Nissan feature from mid last year.

A few mods already on the go for this year already.

Full carbon fiber R34 GTR style rear spoiler with carbon legs has already been bought, and possibly a set of D2 4 pot rear big brakes maybe?

Cheers from little Gizmo. :cheers:
1 - 20 of 94 Posts