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Power question again...

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ok, want some big power for my r33 GTR. i already have an hks straight through system and de-cat. boost controller and performance clutch ready to be fitted. now by going to what ive read, once ive thrown up the boost i'l have around 400bhp hopefully. i was going to get a greddy emanage so i can smooth out the system niggles. but my question is, if i opt for more power without getting my turbos rebuilt (seems like a lot of hassle just for raising the power 50bhp tops), what extra mods do i need and maybe which aftermarket turbos are good for more power, any kits info. i dont want to spend millions but just some info on parts and any good suppliers would be great so i can try and work out a compromised but good build. :)
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also on the greddy emanage, do you need to buy any seperate parts/harness etc to go with it? or is it plug and play?
you can buy them two ways,one is universal for you to splice into the loom,or you can buy a specific fit harness with plugs for a bit more money
ok cheers, seen a few MINES stage 1 ecu's on ebay but not really sure if they are any good for future mods
ok cheers, seen a few MINES stage 1 ecu's on ebay but not really sure if they are any good for future mods
Stay away from them as they cant be remapped and theres no garauntee they have been mapped for the mods you have....

You may want to change your down pipes and turbo elbows if your on about bigger tubs they will help spool up faster and give a few more bhp, decent tubs for a standard bottom end -HKS GTSS/ Nismo N1 or Garrett equivalent/ Rebuild stock with steel blades and an adjustable fuel reg possibly 550cc injectors or above/Z32/Nismo/RB25 afms and either Greddy E-manage with harness or apexi powerfc should see 450+ with cams @1.4 bar 480bhp+

These are only rough estimates as you may break 500bhp or you may not but either way the turbos are exspensive unless you can come accross a good used set...
Good Luck

P.S me personally id stick downpipes + elbows 550cc injectors decent boost controller + remap stock ecu and stick at that because after that it becomes mega money tuning.
hey mate, i would stay away from the e-manage unless your tuner (or you) has a preference for it?...

go with a tried and tested power FC won't regret that decision.

second... you've handle the exhaaust side but have you adresses the intake side? the stock airbox is quite restrictive... get some apexi filters on there for starts.

then a hardpiping kit for the FMIC, new spark plugs and please make sure you adressed all your maintenance issues first! thats the most important thjing.

but don't bother rebuilding stock turbos, its a waste..

pick up some garret GT2860R-5's, -7's (depending on what you want more, top end, or spool?)

and you're good to make REAL power
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cheers fellas
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