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The reservoir line from the bottle to the pump is the feed line, the line from the rack to reservoir is the return line.

The way I renewed my fluid was to take of the return line (be ready for lots of spillage!) and extend it with some long hose and p-clips into a (Large, maybe 25litre) catch tank of some kind down by the side of the car.

This is a two man job. Have someone sat in the car ready to go and yourself stood with the fresh fluid (Which you'll need loads of as it pumps out quite fast).

Have your man start her up and start pouring in the fresh fluid, the stuff that'll come out will be a real horrible colour no doubt depending on how long it's been in the system. While your pouring have your man turn the steering wheel a few times lock to lock to ensure the old stuff is out. When you see fresh fluid pumped out, get your man to switch the engine off. Plumb it all back together and top up as necessary
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