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Hi, I found when I got my R33 GTS that the steering wheel was a mission to turn, another member on this site told me that I should top up my power steering bottle until the level was correct.. I did this...and for about a week or so the steering was greatly improved..

But now its all tough to turn again, and the power-steering fluid container needs topping up again !?

My Questions are :-

A) How often should the power-steering fluid container need topping up ?

B) Perhaps there is a leak, and if so where's the leak likely to be coming from ?

C) How can I get my steering to feel as good as when the car was new & how much
approx would that set me back ?

I thought I had this problem sorted but evidently not, also the steering wheel pulls ever so lightly to the left when I drive around 30 to 40 mph......what could be the reason for this and whats the best remedy ?

Hope someone can help

Many Thanks

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more then likely the seals in the steering rack..

i would say replace those but you might find it cheaper to source a good second hand rack and just replace the lot. This is quicker to do and will save you money on labour :)
as above speak to one of our nice traders on here and get a secondhand rack.

Id get it looked at first before getting a new rack as it may not be that check everywere for leaks first.
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