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This weekend Prodrift will return to Fermoy, for Round 2 of the 2011 Irish Series. After a hugely successful season opener in Ennis, expectations are building for what is promising to be a fantastic event. The increase in the standard of competition across all 3 classes has fans and drivers alike anxiously waiting for Round 2 to arrive, in order to further cement Prodrift’s reputation as one of the most highly competitive drift series in Europe.

Track Layout
Provisional track layout for Round 2 Cork Marts

Event Timetable

Saturday Schedule – Rd 2 @ Cork Marts

07.30am-08.30am Driver Sign-On (Amateur/Semi Pro)

08.20am Driver Briefing (Amateur/Semi Pro)

09.00am-10.30am Open Practice (Group 1)

10.00am-10.45am Driver Sign-On (Pro)

10.00am Media Briefing

10.45am Driver Briefing (Pro)

10.30am-12.00am Open Practice (Group 2)

12.00am-2.15pm Semi Pro Top 32 Qualifying

2.15pm-3.00pm Pro-Seed Practice

2.30pm Semi Pro Top 32 Announcement/Briefing

3.00pm-5.15pm Semi Pro Top 32

5.15pm-6.00pm Pro Practice

6.00pm Track Close

Sunday Schedule – Rd2 @ Cork Marts
10.15am Driver Briefing

10.45am Media Briefing

10.30am-11.50am Open Practice (Pro Only)

11.50am-1.00pm Pro Seed Qualifying

1.00pm-1.35pm Team Drift Practice

1.10pm Top 16 Announcement/Briefing

1.35pm-2.20pm SuperLap

2.20pm Academy Passenger Rides/Display

2.30pm Autograph Session

3.15pm Team Challenge

3.45pm-6.00pm Top 16

(NB – Team Drift Final takes place between Top 4 and 3rd/4th Place Play-Off)
6.00pm Track Close
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