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Hello guys and gals,

Hope all is well.

Right well i've decided to sell the Beast, she really is too much of a car for me, don't get me wrong i love driving it and it goes like doggy do do off a shovel, but the car just laughs in my face every time i go out saying "is that all you've got...."

A big girl i'm sure is what a lot of you will be calling me....but seriously, if you go out in this monster then you will understand...

Here is a link to the website made for the car, all the details are on there about it, spec, build etc.

spec page,

I'm pricing her to sell at £17,999, the engine alone is almost worth this much.

I would be interested in p/x's, maybe something american like a firebird or similar, but i'm open minded.

Give me a shout for more info yeah.
She is taxed and tested.

Many thanks



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thats an awesome spec mate,its almost the same AS MINE SO RESPECT FOR THAT CAR,HES NOT JOKING ,so good luck on the sale and a very cheap price for all that and it must be the quickest one about for sure ...666 devil power...anyway good luck with the sale it should fly off the shelf

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Thanks for the praise guys, it's much appreciated,

i'm thinking of going down the yank route next...just the sound of a gurgling v8 gets me going lol...


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Respect to you thats an awesome machine....but you cant go wrong with a big Yank V8 either...had both, still got the V8 :ylsuper:

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Heya people, time to drag up the old thread,

The car is back up for grabs now, here is the full spec and some footage of her on the track at Modified madness,

Apexi power fc d-jetro with commander and sensors, ECU controlled boost solenoid,
Tein EDFC.
Toad Ai606 cat 1 alarm.
2 x Walbro 255ltr/ph external fuel pumps.
4ltr Surge tank.
1 x Holley fuel pump.
All fuel lines are braided with connectors,
Sard fuel pressure regulator with pressure gauge.
All completely stripped to metal and resprayed blue.
2 x cobra seats.
2 x 4 point harnesses.
6 point roll cage.
B-pillar cross brace and seat belt fixing.
Nrg removable steering wheel boss.
Momo steering wheel.
Boost gauge.
Kill switch.
Nismo copy short shifter.
Custom fabric front door cards and gators.

1200BHP HKS 2.8L Bottomend Full Counter weight crank,
HKS H section rods 22mm Gudgen Pin,
86.5mm Special coated pistons, Balanced.
Early R32 Block.
Nismo Bearings main & bigends.
HKS ATI crank damper kit.
TOMEI Main studs.
TOMEI Oil pump.
Nismo baffled GTR sump modified to fit GTST.
GReddy Oil cooler.
TOMEI 1.2mm headgasket kit.
TOMEI Head studs + washers.
TOMEI Cam studs.
TOMEI Type B springs.
TOMEI Spring retainers.
TOMEI Valve buckets.
TOMEI Bronze Valve guides.
TOMEI Shims.
TOMEI 280 Deg 11.5mm IN/EX.
TOMEI Timing belt.
HKS Durallium cam sprockets.
REIMAX Clear pulley cover.
NISMO Oil cap.
NISMO Thermostat.
Sard 800cc injectors.
GReddy 11mm fuel rail.
Trust/GReddy inlet manifold.
HKS T04Z top mount turbo kit with HKS GT 2 wastegate.
Splitfire coil packs.
Custom Full Drag spec head matched IN + EX.
Nismo silver top twin plate clutch + flywheel with brand new friction plates.
Blitz Nur spec exhaust.
Mines rocker cover baffle plates.
GReddy oil catch tank.
Custom made washer tank.
Braided hoses for boost controller, vacuum and coolant.
Huge front mount intercooler.
New type HKS SSQV.
Suspension / drivetrain
Tein superstreet coilovers with pillowball upper mounts.
Fully adjustable top and bottom arms and control arms all round.
Tein track rod ends and tie rods.
Whiteline front and rear anti roll bars.
Front and rear strut braces.
Hicas lockout bar with new ends.
Driftworks rear hub upper bushes.
TSW 18" wheels with Goodyear Eagle F1's. front =225/35r18, rear = 275/35 r18.
Front brakes are 356mm D2 8pot calipers, rears are 33 GTR Brembo's. Braided lines all round.
Solid aluminium rear subframe and front diff mounts, welded diff.

I've to the stage where this car really is a waste in my hands so it's time to move on.

Many thanks


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Lol,it's funny you read in the mags...this car has 400bhp...this one has 600 etc etc but until you're in a car with that much power you just don't realize how much power that is...well i didn't anyways lol.

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Heya peeps, just want to say thanks for all the nice comments, i'll be sorry to see the car go.

As to the comment "ABSOLUTLY INSANE PRICE"..., i'm assuming your doll cheque won't cover it then....

Many thanks

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