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Hey there all,

My recent luck has left me with some spare cash and the ability to purchase an R32 GT-R. There is a whole range for me to choose from at my local import dealer; however I did not know which one to choose. I was hoping to get some advice from some members here as well as sharing some of their previous experience when buying one of these vehicles.

My dealer friend naturally recommended a GTR that was just recently put up for sale (I live in Finland for the time being and the currency here is in Euro’s) for 12,900EURO, the 1990 R32 GTR, I was told, had undergone some serious engine re-building to put out approx. 600bhp. Around 20,000EURO had gone into the engine over the years and the dealer told me that this was the best value for money he’d come across in a while. -

Naturally I was intrigued, however after having thought about it, this type of purchase is a bad idea for someone like me who drives quite a bit. Of course it is a wonderful toy, and to take that type of vehicle out now and then for a spin is every gearhead’s dream.

I was wondering if anyone has any comments they could make to help me out a little with my decision, should I go for this 600hp GTR, is it just a ridiculous idea to assume I could use it every day? Does anyone else in the forum use a 500hp+ vehicle in their daily commute? Should I go for the cheaper, less powerful version? -

Any hints and tips people could give me on the subject of buying an R32 GTR would be greatly appreciated.

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