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Hi Guys,

Seen quite a few threads and pictures of your work on here and I'm liking the end results.

What I have.... 97 GTST Spec 2 - Fitted with Original GTR bumpers, skirts and spoiler..

what I need - Full Respray (Original Silver color)

Front bumper repair: Cracked corners and scuffs from when the car was toooo low, splitter and bumper need attention: Do you plastic weld or use Wurth real plastic?, as this is original plastic kit and the previous garage used firbreglass and thats why it has cracked again? Also needs remounting properly as it does not sit quite right.

I can provide pictures if needed?

Rear arches were rolled poorly... so need doing properly and treating etc before painting.

Small dent passenger front wing - this is the only dent on the car.

So based on this information how much would a full respray be with the above work?

Thanks in Advance
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