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Im after the following

Spec 2 front bumper
both near side and off side light blocks
Spec 2 front bumper lip
400R Side skirts

Please PM me with prices or can swap for the following -
from a 1996 2DR R33 GTST in immaculate white - all part undamaged and painted 2 weeks ago

Spec 2 white spoiler with brake light
Type M front Bumper and bumper grilles
Type M Side Skirts
standard Front grille
Nissan Head unit in black - CD and MD player, pluds into standard car wiring , no need for adapters
Standard Airbox and Filter

The above is also for sale

Many thanks in advance


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Front bumper

hi, I'm thinking about changing my front bumper.It's a GP sports aero type.

Much as I love it, my drive is slightly uphill and the road outside has a big camber so I've had to lift the front suspension by 30mm just to get clearance.

Looking for spec 2 front bumper that's a bit less deep.

Cheers, Dean

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