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Hey guys. First post here. I recently acquired an r32 a few weeks ago. It's a 1989 GTS that has been converted from an RB20DE automatic to an RB20DET 5 speed before it made its way here to the states. Clean chassis, clean body, and an even cleaner swap. 90k original kilometers.

Since it's a GTS, I'm stuck with the 4 lug hubs and brakes. I have been slowly gathering parts for the swap. The car is also on air suspension, but I currently have Stance coilovers on the way to replace them. (not a fan of air suspension)

List goes as following
- z32 front 30mm aluminum calipers
- z32 rear calipers
- z32 front 5 lug wheel hub and bearing
- z32 NA/s13/s14 rear 5 lug wheel hub and bearing
- Z32 TT rotors and pads

Still have to figure out what brake lines I need. Might be able to use the 300ZX -> 240sx brake line conversion, or just a regular OEM 300ZX brake line. From what I've been told, factory e-brake setup is left untouched, as well as the factory axles. Will be welding the diff in the whole process since everything is already torn apart.

I also have a Driftworks HICAS eliminator kit that works with all Nissan models. Will be installing that at the same time as well.

If anyone has any more info regarding the swap, please let me know. I've researched which parts are compatible through hell and back. I might have missed some important information about the swap, so please chime in if you're able.


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