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Alright lads. I joined the forum in march when i bought my first gts-t which unfortunatly was involved in an incident with a speeding drunk driver, which totalled the rear of the car.
I had started breaking the car and then due to my addiction to pumping cash into cars, I decided to re-shell it. Last week I picked up a mint r32 gts-t type m with 126k kms and no engine and box. The car was imported recently from japan and one of the sellers other skylines blew an engine so he took the engine out of the one that i have since bought.
So now I have 2 r32's, on for parts and one which will be registered.
I have the following parts to go on:
HKS GT2510 turbo (300hp), HKS downpipe, Blitz 3.5'' exhaust from elbow back, Trust FMIC, HKS ssqv, HKS F-con is, walbro 255lph pump.
I am going to put the engine form the crashed car into the newbie and i want to 'refresh' the engine before I do so.
The speedo cable was snapped on the old car so I dont know the exact mileage but I estimate it to be between 110k kms and 130k kms.
I plan on getting new rocker cover gaskets and bolt seals, new timing belt,
tomei 1.2mm head gasket.
Possibly new con rod bolts. I dont know if they're necessary. The engine ran well, never burnt oil, no smoke. Had a slight idling issue but i think that was a vacuum leak somewhere.

My question is:
Tomei list 2 bore sizes for the rb20, 83.5 and 80.5mm.
I havn't pulled the head off yet so how do I know which gasket suits the engine?

I also plan to use gtr 444cc injectors and resistor pack. Do I need a rb26 fuel rail as well or do they fit perfectly on the rb20?

Has anyone ran this kind of setup with a F-con is?

Any help is greatly appreciated!!
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