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Having recently found out, by getting stuck in the snow with 3 wheels spinning, that the front diff on my A31 (and therefore by extension, on the R32s) is an open diff, I'm wondering what to do about it?

Looks like about $1000 for a Cusco front LSD but this seems like a massive expense for something that's only going to be an issue for 2 or 3 days a year. Likewise welding the front diff would be stupid.

Do 4x4 style diff lockers for these cars exist? I'm guessing for the centre you could just mess with the electrics, not sure if you'd need to do anything with the rear LSD but the front is definitely a problem.

I suspect there's not going to be much available, since most of these cars end up on track for race, drag or drift purposes, and what I'm talking about is more like setting it up for offroading, but maybe someone knows?
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