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Im about to order a FSE Uprated fuel filter, but i'm being asked about input/output size??

Anyone know which one is for the r32 rb20det???

Any help much appreciated!

Part Number - In - Out - £ Retail (ex vat)
Bullet A0 1/4 Nptf 1/4 Nptf £49.90
Bullet A1 8mm 8mm £53.85
Bullet A2 10mm 8mm £53.90
Bullet A3 10mm 10mm £53.90
Bullet A4 8mm 12mm £53.90
Bullet A5 12mm 10mm £53.90
Bullet A6 12mm 12mm £53.90
Bullet A7 15mm 8mm £53.90
Bullet A8 15mm 10mm £53.90
Bullet A9 15mm 15mm £53.90
Bullet A10 12mm Jic-6 £56.50
Bullet A11 15mm Jic-6 £56.50
Bullet A12 14x1.5 12x1.5 £58.95
Bullet A13 14x1.5 12x1.25 £58.95
Bullet A14 14x1.5 14x1.5 £58.95
Bullet A15 16x1.5 16x1.5 £58.95
Bullet F1 Jic-6 Jic-6 £59.20
Bullet F2 Jic-8 Jic-8 £59.20

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You will need one with 8mm tails as the standard fuel lines are that size.

If its of any interest, we do an extremely popular large Hi Capacity filter with 8mm tails for about a third the price. You can re-use the original filter clip, just tease the jaws open a bit ; )

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Dude, the filters you listed are freakin expensive. I wouldn´t buy one to be honest.

If you want a bigger uprated filter go for the one that Chris mentioned, you´ll be happy. Even the genuine Nismo one I fitted to my R34 I got it for a lot less than what the ones cost you listed.
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