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R32 GT-R vs ford sierra RS500

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you`ve all probably seen this before but its a good watch

end of an era no contest really:bigthumb:
. he needs to shut up with the gts allready lol
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watched it all the way through not seen it b4 thats a great vid!
watched it all the way through not seen it b4 thats a great vid!
Me too. Good watch :cool:
yer good find that ..
yer good find that ..
Excellent find very exciting racing..:bigthumb:
yeah loved it too wheres the rest
Its not a GTR, its a GTS...


Great find...Was on the edge of my seat :D
and this was after they penalized the R32 with more weight and a few other things lol. skylines RULE!
did they use skylines in the early british touring /thunder cars i cant seem to find anything.
Thats a great vid i love watching raceing from the early 90's
Two of my Top 3 cars head to head.........:smoker:
is it wrong im cheering for the cossie??!
was there any raceing like this with gtt-gtst ever
ahh c'mon SARU gotta respect the cossie mate would you say no to a RS500 i certainly would'nt lol
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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