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Going for a look at a R32 GTR v spec 2 tomorrow
The kid tells me that its not holding boost and that when the car warms up it sounds different and wont boost normal/hold boost!
I,m thinking Exhaust manifold or intercooler pipes any ideas guys what to look for before i spend?:screwy:
I can see what he says it could be......but could it be worse?
Heres the car:

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could be coilpacks - would probs get some popping noises when on full throttle

Could be ignition module failing

Crack in intercooler pipe or intercooler

AFM's breaking down

manifold gasket - would normally make a tractor like sound, same if iyt was a crack in one of the manifolds

Turbo/s could be on way out

could be anything really

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could be a number of things.

I would of guessed the guy selling it would of checked the problems that "it might be" before trying to sell it. Why would you want to loose money on a car that needs a intercooler pipe changing etc.
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