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Now that my car has gone, I have a few parts to sell.

These comprise of:-

They will fit a GTR also

Set of 4 Tomei Red After burner lense covers. and 2 Orange covers.

Set of 6 Spark plug Coils.

2 AFM's

1 Ignition Amplifier.

1 set of Very Good SKYLINE Interior Carpets.

1 Set of Brand new NISMO Interior Carpets.

1 SKYLINE Pencil tin(Black)

1 SKYLINE Key Holder case.

1 SKYLINE Money Wallet.

Please let me know if you are interested in these Items.

Much...Much Sadness that these have to go, But IT will break my heart to keep them to remind me what I once had!!


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I'll take the spark plug coils and if you don't want it the money wallet although I would strongly advise you keep the money wallet as once the pain wears off a little you will regret ever selling such a small souvenir of your past wealth.
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