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Hi all, I was a member about 6 years ago and now I got myself a fresh import gtst so I'm back in the game.

Just received my 32 off the boat and was so excited to have another 32 in my life but... my joy was short lived.
After a initial drive, i noticed the car was losing power at random points and when i put the foot down it suddenly goes again and loses power again.
This was the first problem. second is when I had to stop behind another vehicle, at low rpm even with my foot down on the clutch, the car shut down completely so I had to quickly restart it.

I initially drove home and after the first 10 mins of problems, it behaved OK even in the evening when I took it out again and gave it a good run (That's what I thought it needed after being stationary fir a while)

This morning, I gave my new baby a wash and a wax and started the car to warm it up and went inside the house, 5 mins later I went out again because it was too quiet, but to my surprise and horror, the car shut down by itself....

I attempted to start it and it did, for about 5 seconds and RPM dropped and died. this repeated about 3 times before I left it alone for about 10 mins before attempting it again.

10 mins later it started after I put my foot down and it somehow managed to stay alive. I went for a drive and just around the corner when I stopped at an intersection, it died again.

My first skyline had a similar issue, from memory it was the Air Flow Meter.
I was reading the posts and found some similar cases but wanted your inputs in diagnosing what it could be.
The car is a 1993 R32 GTST done 67km Japanese auction grade 4.
its got a ARC super induction box, aftermarket intercooler, and a non vent to air bov.

My first guess is either the AFM or the TPS or coilpack. since it sometimes takes a bit of crank to start her up.
Please let me know what you think.
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