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So three years ago i purchased my 1992 Skyline GTSt Type M from a buddy. It was a bog standard GTSt Type M, one owner car, garaged kept in Tokyo.

It was around this time i discovered an extremely rare regional variant of the R32 GTSt built in 1992 (Saitama) and 1993 (Kanagawa) to represent the 35th Anniversary of the Skyline name plate.

Called the GTSt Type M "R" it was meant to be a sort of inbetween for the GTR and GTSt. The changes were simple enough, a GTR hood, grille and rear wing, everything else remaining the same.

The sole badge on the car was a Type MR sticker on the trunk, replicating the GTR look. With a red "R" over Type M.

I figured it would be a cool car to build considering the more or less unknown nature of this regionally built car.
The Nissan Prince Kanagawa Brochure.

My car the day she arrived!

How she sits today, after an unfortunate collision with a deer, she now has the appropriate front end for the Type MR.

At the moment the car ia fairly lightly modded, but i have heavier mods planned for down the road.

Apexi Intake
St. May 4 inch catback
Turbosmart boost gauge
BC Racing BR coilovers
Splitfire Coil packs
Wiring Specialties coilpack harness
HKS SSQV BOV with adaptor plate

I also have an old school Trust (GReddy) same side inlet and outlet intercooler to go on but it needs to be recored before it goes on.

Future mods are a R31House Takoashi Exhaust manifold, HKS GT2530 turbo, and Haltech Platinum Plugin Pro, with flex fuel sensor and tune.

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Looks really nice.

Never knew of the variant you have shown which is kind of cool imo. I love the look and colour that you have it is smart looking and kind of understated if you know what I mean.

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Itll get the GTR wing down the road and probably the Type M Sideskirts and Spats since they give the car more presence.

Other than that i dont have any crazy plans for the look of the car, i think it sits right as is and dont see the need for a crazy widebody or anything.

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p1 (1).jpg
The inside of the brochure from the Kanagawa Dealership.

The front of the Nissan Prince Saitama Brochure.
p3 (1).jpg
The "Type MR" sticker from a legitimate car in Japan.

I figured id post up a few more pictures of the brochures and some actual cars.

Unfortunately, as there arent any special VIN plates or anything of the sort, theres no real way to tell how many of these cars still exist the way they would have rolled out of the factory. In my "travels" across the internet ive only come across one car for sale carrying the badge but it was so modified it was impossible to tell if it had at one time been an actual Type MR.
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