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Hey Guys,

I am sure this is kicking a dead horse to everyone. However after countless hours and page by page readings I am still very nervous and borderline annoyed in trying to make my decision on wheel specs. Every spec that seems great another person has issue with. With the exception of a very conservative fit I can't seem to get a solid answer and what to go with.

So, I have a 92 R32 GTST Type M. It's already loaded with Coilovers. Hicas is still hooked in and running fine. I believe the previous owner ran wheels on these previously as is already has some camber and is slightly lowered.

My options are..
17x9 et25 all around
18x8.5 et35 all around
18x8.5 et35 F/18x9.5 et35 R

Both front and rears have already been lipped. I am trying to stay away from doing anything else with the exception of slight camber adjustments.

Any help would be amazing
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