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R32 Skyline
130,000 KM (81250 Miles)
Clifford Concept 650 Mk2 Cat 1 Alarm
Nismo Key
TAX and MOT until End of April

Aftermarket Jasma 3" exhaust
3" stainless Decat
3" stainless Downpipe
3" elbow
Oil change for Pro S fully synth 5w50
Greddy Blow off valve
HKS air filter
Twin plate clutch
0.8bar boost ~270bhp


Short Shifter
Nismo 2way diff


4pot front brakes
Aftermarket Pads


HKS Coilovers
Strut braces
Hicas Removed/Lock out bar fitted


Genuine Final Konnexion Drift bodykit (with original stamps)
JDM Wind deflectors
Carbon Fibre GTR Bonnet with Scoop
Bonnet pins
GTR Headlights
HID 8000K headlight kit
Arch lips rolled
Ultralite 17x9 + 17x8 Battle Monoblock Wheels
245 front fast road/track tyres almost new, 235 rear budget tyres.
Folding Mirrors
Heated Mirrors


Full standard interior, drivers seats is full suede unlike the rest and not in A1 condition like the rest of the car as its not original but its is the same colour seude and so far no one has noticed they dont match!
OMP dished suede steering wheel
Steering wheel Boss
Defi-Link controller set up with:
Defi Boost Gauge
Defi Water Temp
Defi Oil Temp
Defi Oil pressure
Full Carrozzeria sound system, double din head unit (tilt, CD, Mini disc, tuner, loads of power/adjustments), dash mounted tweeter, door components, rear pods.
Air con
Trust gear knob

Everything works and is mechanically perfect.
Just done a oil and brake fluid change.
The WHOLE car is rust free, the underside is literly looks new, all bushes perfect with no sag or cracks, so drives really tightly.
Only point ilde can sometimes be random, this is most likely the dump valve doing the classic GTST thing (never go away from standard recirc!)

Just to stress I have taken a fair amout of time finishing of little bits to make this car as mint as its is. The mechanicals are brilliant, the engine runs like a dream with perfect temps/pressures. Its ready to be driven and shown off!

£3800. Open to a PX/Swap

Located Bristol/Bath area

135 Posts
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thanks for the kind words, had her up on pistonheads at 4000 no offers and got LOADS of replies but mainy people have no money!!!

Not in a hurry to sell but interested in a change of car as thats how I work! Im really after either an interesting car or a drift or track car, but know its a bad time of year to sell so will take a PX as long as I can sell it on easily to cover my time.

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They are getting more and more rare for sure, the underside of this car is unbeleivably clean and rust free, its not been in the country long and it really shows how much better the japanese climate is for cars.
I am into my drifting but never wanted to drift this car to damage it at all in the nature of the sport. But reluctantly I did a driftday the other day in her as my normal car was broken and it was wet so no delamiating tyres to damage the car and I took her very steady not to harm her, but she litteraly drifts herself and was faultess all day (total in my ownership I have done the driftday, a trackday and about 3000miles and during that oil change she has used about 1mm max on the dipstick! well happy!

3rd gear, no hander :D
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