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R32 Power steering pump HELP!!!!

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I've searched thru a lot of forums and just cant' find a solid answer. So, I have an R32/RB20 with a R33 PS pump that the previous owner swapped. (HICAS has all been removed) It works but the R33 PS pump has just two ribs on its pulley _^_^_ and the RB20 crank pulley it goes to has three. _^_^_^_. Attached is a picture.

My question is: Does an R34 Neo PS pump have the three ribs _^_^_^_ and will it bolt on fine with no problems? Or is there a better solution? My belt just keeps sliding around on the extra rib and wears the belt out fairly quickly.

Thank you!

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i have on my RB20 an R34 GTR RB26 ps pump with R33 GTR ps bracket and a Ross metal jacket RB26 crank pulley, and all fine, also did complete rebuild with single circuit ps system and hicas removed.

It's how you whant it, if your belt doesn't jump off, you can keep it like that.
Can you not swap the pulley on the power steering pump?
Fit a RB25 crank pulley which is a 3 v fitment to match.
Thanks for the replies!

At Godzilla, that's what I was hoping to hear someone say. It doesn't jump but as you can see in the picture the belt gets worn on the edges for some reason. I think ill try the R34 PS and see.
I'd rather that than pull the engine to change the crank pulley
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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