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R32 GTS-T Front undertray and arch shields,good condition.Tray has cable tie repair. £25 plus postage.

R32 GTS-T o/s/f indicator. £26 delivered.

R32 GTS-T Standard intercooler and some pipework. £35 plus postage.

R33 GTS-T Inlet manifold, includes injectors. Ideal for front facing plenum conversion. £55 plus postage.

Alloy passenger footrest and map pouch. £28 delivered.

JDM Illuminated number plate holders. Rare and in very good condition.Come complete with brackets, wiring and bulbs. £60 delivered.

R32 GTS-T Standard Cat. Studs need drilled out.£35 plus postage.

Wide angle Drift mirror. Bronze tint clip on mirror. £15 delivered

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