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R33 auto box problem.(torque convertor?)

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I have a 1993 R33 gtst 2.5 auto,last year when driving i lost 3rd and 4th gear just reved but never went anywhere,sounds like a clutch when it slips.
So i got another gearbow and torque convertor but the torque convertor was wrong one so i deceided to just change gearbox.Car run great for 20miles then i lost 3rd and 4th again same as last time.Can it be the Torque Convertor that not working.PLEASE HELP BN 6TH MONTH TRYING FIND OUT WHAT PROBLEM IS
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Its a distinct possibility m8. Is the car running with extra mods? Standard autoboxes aren't good for more than about 350 bhp.....

Tried getting hold of the Nissan Parts Cataologue (FAST) to source the right convertor.....?.....

Are ya sure that when ya replaced the box ya put enough atf in, ya need to dip it when warm and runnin while in P. With too little fluid ya'll loose 3rd+4th first, i cant imagine its your torque converter if 1st + 2nd are ok
the gearbox has been reprogramd for quicker gear change and for longer revs and meant to be 350bhp but running at standard boost as in car controler was stolen.the garage who did work didnt have clue how much oil went in the box,i was told 8ltrs??? I no the oil meant be red in colour but again its going a brown colour?
mate i got the answerr gimme a call on 07939321461 thats my number. ste
Why not share the answer with the rest of us!:)
yeh there is a slight burnt smell..also my oil pressure gauge in the clocks have now droped down to the number 2 where b4 it sat at number 4
Thanx guys.Think my gearbox knackerd so need new
I think so too, cause the burnt smell is prob comin from the clutch packs, just make sure with the next one that the fluid is at the right level
hope i was off help mate....
I had a heap of pain with a refurbished auto box, which fortunately was under warranty, so I learnt quite a lot from the auto specialist.

You are burning out your clutches. This is probably due to the valve body - the valve seats wear out over time and leak, losing pressure and causing slippage on the high clutches. However, there are some other seals not in the valve body, and if they leak they'll produce the same effect.

My specialist also specifically warned me against modifying the gearbox to do faster, harder changes - he said that was sure to burn out the clutch packs.
I have same problem with my r33 auto gear box, not getting 3rd and 4th, its been off the road now for 6months now the winters nearly over I would like to get the problem fixed.
It will be expensive, but I'd recommend going to a specialist. There's a hell of a lot of fiddly stuff in there, and I had six months of hassle over the tiniest nick in a seal. As it was under warranty the three clutches that burnt out as a result didn't come out of my pocket. I'd have gone mental if I'd done it myself and couldn't find the microscopic problem.
does anyone know of a specialist in northampton, is it true that the auto box can't handle 350bhp, could it be the torque converter??
my dad is an automatic gearbox specialists, owns his own company rebuilding auto box's. were in birmingham though!
does anyone know of a specialist in northampton, is it true that the auto box can't handle 350bhp, could it be the torque converter??
and standard clutches burn out fairly quick at that power, is a bit to much power, anything u need to know u could have a chat with my dad if you pm your number, get him to ring you. :bigthumb:
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