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R33 auto problem - wont shift into 3rd and more

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Hi guys,
Having a problem with my autobox I don't quite know how to fix. After having it stored for the winter my R33 is having some serious problems with its transmission.

I went to start up the car, engine sounds and revs just fine, but it would hardly move when put into Drive. I checked the fluid level, let it warm up and tried switching between P,D,N and R. After wiggling a bit with the autobox it seemed to be more willing to move. Driving the car a bit back and forth (switching from D to R) it seemed to more or less go away.

I decided to take it onto the road to check if it was gone, but it still had a hard time accelerating. (The engine would rev just fine but no real gain in roadspeed).

Now it takes off fine (1st gear) but more or less "clunks" into 2nd gear and will never go into 3rd (or 4th for that matter). When over ~30% throttle to WOT it will kinda go into neutral where I can hear the engine and turbo revving just fine but it hardly gains any speed. Damn!

I nearly have no idear what to do. Do any of you guys know what can be wrong? :(

It's an R33 S2, RB25DET, 4-speed automatic.
Has not been started for a good 6-7 months.
Box has Castrol Transmax Z in it.
And lastly: I removed a KM/H to MP/H speedo converter which was installed behind the dash. Don't know if that can have anything to do with it.

Thanks in advance!
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The 3rd 'high' clutch is worn out.
It's like a m/cycle wet clutch inside the gearbox behind the input-shaft and oil-pump.
New plates will cost about £40 and will cure it for a while (maybe a long while) depending on torque output and driving style.
I have done this repair several times years ago and it's not so different to doing a 'normal' clutch if you have mechanical savvy.
There are threads about this and mods, but you must help yourself.
Good luck.
Oh if you take it to an auto-gearbox specialist expect to pay OVER £1000 to get it repaired, for £40 worth of parts that are actually quite easy to replace.
Thanks for the reply Andy.
Doesn't sound like too hard of a job. Will try searching for some threads about it.
But does that also explain why it had a hard time even driving in 1st? I mean it still pulls pretty bad in 1st and 2nd and disengages the box completely when the throttle is quickly opened in 2nd.

Edit: Searched the forums and net, having a hard time finding any threads on how to change it..
have you replaced the oil to begin with
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