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Hi everone! my english is not so good so i will excuse myself before writing !
i just bought a skyline spec 1 and it has this problem ( shown on the video )
It has a bigger intercooler and oil cooler mounted..
i have tested the impellers of the turbo, tested to set pressure on the wastegate, i bought new sparcplugs that has 0.7 mm in gap and i silicon coated the coil packs..
on the video you can see the car just stops when boost are coming and then continue doing this ( im not taking my foot of the gas pedal )
what can be the problem ? i have tryied googeling it but i just can find it...
please help me!

best regards
Leo from sweden !

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i have never seen it that bad, usually 1 or 2 coils show up first and you get a hesitation / misfire
that looks like it is hitting a hard cut
the boost doesnt seem to drop off when it cuts so i would say either all the coils are bad or something else like power feed to the coils? relay maybe?
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