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R33 electrical gremlin

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Hi guys, first post here. I have a R33 GTST (I think) with a 20DET. One night whilst driving it, it cut and died and hasn't been able to start since, initially I thought it was the alarm, so I got a qualified installer of alarms to remove it, however it didn't fix the problem. The entire car has been messed with to hell which makes it all the more harder to figure out. I've been over the entire car with a test light, the only issue I could find is that on the right hand side of the driver's kick panel fusebox; there is no power to any of the fuses, however the left side does have power. Consequentially there is no power to the dashboard, asides from the lights that turn on when the headlights are triggered. There is no power to the stereo, a/c module, and the only thing that seems to work every time is the annoying as all hell door ajar beep. All fuses are in good working order, so now I'm at a crossroads where I just can't seem to make out what the problem is. Has anyone had similar that could shed some light on the issue? Or have any ideas from people here, anything and everything helps! Cheers!
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