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R33 GTR and other Bits & Bobs For sale

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Right Guys & Girls

I am doing the Garage tidy and want, need to shift this stuff.

I know a lot of you are preparing your cars for the Spring / Summer and this is a good opportunity to grab yourself a bargain, Wheels, Shocks, Bonnet, BIG brake kit etc, even Y6LOW for grabs.

I you or anyone you know is into modifying or wants to make their car look even better, let them (me) know.

Maybe open to sensible offers, but as I am sure you will agree £600 for the Veilside Andrew Racing 19” x 11” Alloy rims aint bloody bad !!!


07717 226 347
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may i suggest you make the effort of putting the ad up here instead of just a link?? it is in the rules ya know....
Ave done in the past ! OK I'll just cut and paste the advert on PH. Sometimes "rules" are bloody silly !!!

Just flare the arches, they'll fit !!!!
I have 4 beautiful VEILSIDE Andrew Racing 19" x 11" Alloy Wheels for sale. These came off my R33 GTR. Get ready for the spring / summer - these look the dogs...................
£600-00. No offers

R33 GTR GRP vented bonnet for sale. Was in great nick, but the bl**dy idiot I let have it to see if it would fit his GTS has scuffed it in a few places. However a good sound vented bonnet, but will require a re spray to bring it back to it's best. Its midnight purple at the mo
£350-00 ovno

Up graded to Tien adjustable shocks for circuit use and cleared garage out over Christmas and found these lurking at the back. Set of 4 genuine GTR shocks.
£400-00 ovno


I have For Sale

1 x Complete Set of Front and Rear Brembo 380mm Disc's, Callipers, and Pads as have come off my Nissan GT-R R35 and have only covered 3000 miles.
I have carried out a brake upgrade to go racing.

Also I have

1 x BRAND NEW set of Brembo 380mm disc's and Pads which have never been fitted and were bought as a second set for racing, again now surplus to requirement.

The prices are

£4k for the complete set


£2k for the Brand New Disc's and Pads

These brakes fit under the standard 20" wheels but I have been told they will go under 19" & even some 18" but I am not a technical wizard and I suggest that you do your homework first and not ask me as this will be a substantial investment for some of the worlds best ever bakes (Ask Mr Clarkson from Top Gear!!)

Nissan 350Z Brake kit fully supplied. front and rear discs and pads, hoses, clips ect

Done less than 15,000 miles
This plate has been on my beautiful YELOW Nissan 350Z "S" Tune.

As you can see it set off a YELOW car fantastically.

It would look good on a YELOW Fiat or a YELOW Ferrari.

Or you could confuse someone and put it on a Blue or Red car !! LOL

Now even more reason to buy this plate for your YELLOW 350Z

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there just to keep the mods happy !!!!
Wheels and Bonnet now SOLD
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