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Thought some people considering some mild upgrades to a stage 1 GTR might find the results of some additions to my own R33 interesting ...

Setup A: stock UK spec R33 GTR except: Trust exhaust downpipes, Blitz NUR exhaust (baffle in, too noisy out), Apex'i induction kit, Apex'i AVC-R boost controller, HKS FCon-S programmable piggyback ECU, race cat
Setup B: as above except: R34 GTR turbos, HKS hard pipe kit, Apex'i GT intercooler, HKS high flow turbo elbows, 600cc injectors
Setup C: as above except: Tomei 264 degree (I think!) cams with vernier pulley kit, decat pipe, HKS Silent Hyper exhaust instead of the Blitz NUR system (didn't like noise of Blitz with plug out and with plug in it was too restrictive)

Prior to Stage A the car was stock except indunction kit, Trust downpipes, Blitz NUR exhaust and 1 bar boost. Stage A is over 20bhp and 20ftlb up on this earlier spec but I can't find my old graph unfortunately else I'd have included it with the other plots.

Needless to say the difference I felt when driving it is about twice what I imagined by looking at the graphs. On the road, boost is 0.45bar at 2000rpm in the higher gears. Max power is now 403 @ hubs - not big power admittedly (I don't have the cash!) but driveability is excellent and the car feels fantastic. All internals stock apart from cams.

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