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R33 GTR needed The Mad Maxd touch for 2013

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Bin away from here for a while due ill health and financial issues but with a little help from my dad funding some of this for me I decided to fall back into a GTR where I feel comfy lol

I bought it like this.

it didn't look too bad on the surface tbh but once I started looking close i knew my GTR OCD would kick in and it did so here you go!

gloss coats applied

starting to shape up

lots of bits prepped just waiting for chroming to come back

and as you can see done in a very tight space and due to my ill health struggling very much tbh.

If you want to see more pics check out this link 247 ELD White R33 GTR 2013 makeover pics?page=1
rather than me fill the forum with pics no one wants to see lol


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Looking very clean. hope you get well soon :)
nice work mate
would love to do this with my gtst
That's next job for me. Strip out and paint ;)
wow nice work, would love to paint my bay but don't have the nerve lol

Excellent result :)
well done again martyn,no doubt will end up looking like your other gtrs
Great Job Martyn

Cheers Gaz
thanks folks this as been a real test for me due to my health making things much more difficult! will post some more pics soon.
Yeah mate post loadsa pics :D
A few pics from this weekends work:

will post pics next weekend when my 9kgs of chromed parts come back lol
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Awasome job, makes me feel like i should do mine
but im to lazy ;p
Car looks mint judging by that pic under the arch.
Well there's a huge amount of work gone into that little lot, looks very nice. Good work.
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