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R33 gtr S1 Airbag light not turning on

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Can someone tell me if the airbag light is supposed to light up for a few seconds when turning the key? Mine is a dual front airbag edition r33 s1.
Everything looks to be in good condition. Airbag bulb has just been replaced. But the light bever comes on.
I cannot pass inspection without this working, so any help would be appreciated!
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The light definitely should turn on at ignition. I assume you checked fuses if you already checked bulbs?
Yes, I did check all the fuses under the steering wheel.. are there any spcific relays or fuses for the airbag? I found a picture of the fusebox diagram in english, and noticed that my airbag fuse is missing, but I can only see one connector when i look in the slot for the fuse so it won’t bridge any connection
Pull steering wheel off, it may have had an aftermarket steering wheel fitted at some time and a resistor has been fitted to the connector at the back of the wheel to keep the light out
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What was the outcome of this, My series 3 r33 gts25t coupe has the same airbag light doesnt come on, Iv replaced the light with another one and still no check airbag light, and my fuse has only one prong on it , need it to pass a warrent, I unplug the drivers side air bag and still no light, Iv talked to a knowledgable inspector and he says there are mechanical airbags that dont do airbag check lights on ignition
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