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R33 GTR Speaker install

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My car had only sound from one rear speaker. So I bought a set of component 6.5" for the front and 6x9 three way for the rear. I bought these on the recommendation that they would fit. WRONG! There was no sound in the front of the car as the speakers were not there. Plus the new speakers were too big for the speaker housing. So rather than mess around with MDF I learnt, adapted and improved them, basically trimmed them down so that the speakers sat in them, easy fix.

I couldn't get the rear seat out and when I had my clutch changed, ask them kindly to pop it out. Now you can change the 6" standard speakers through the boot as the speaker mounts are easy to access, with the parcel shelf only housing the mesh covers. I struggled to the get the parcel shelf out and have simply mounted the speakers to the shelf as the weight of the speakers is held by the car's frame. This works with no vibrations etc and is a quick fix.

PS: before doing this I reconnected the other rear speaker, who ever messed with the car before had never re-connected one of the speakers but at least it annoyed me enough to upgrade them a little.
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Wrong section mate!

The front of the R33 does take 6" speakers (commonly called 6.5"), however every speaker is not created equal so basket size and depth do affect the speakers mounting. Making an MDF board for 6" speakers in the R33 is totally unnecessary as all you need to do is grind out a small amount from the inside and/or back of the factory speaker pod.

As for the rear, they are 6" factory too.... you can not change them from inside the boot! The rear seat and parcel tray need to be removed to access them. Having the speakers just sit on the tray is not only very dangerous, it is limiting the sound quality. If you have a crash at say 100kph, those speakers (yep, only just over 1m behind your head) will continue forward at 100kph till they hit a solid object, it may be your seat, the windscreen or your head.... The last option will most certainly be fatal.
A car speaker needs to be in a sealed enclosure to gain the most from it, having them just sit there is far from ideal.... You need a set of single or double 6x9 spacers.... To fit them you mount the speaker to the spacer then put the spacer/speaker in place, get in the boot with a drill and screw up into the spacer to secure it.
Single or double is the height, what one you will need depends on how deep your magnet is or how large it is - The spacer is only there to lift the speaker up so it doesn't foul on anything and to seal it to the tray!

I hope you got the phasing correct.... if you have an aftermarket stereo and you didn't install it OR you did install it and you don't know what phasing is and 'guessed' the speaker wiring I highly recommend you double check it! This can be done by a trained ear fading left to right and front to back or physically inspecting the wiring!

Do you need a guide on removing that rear seat? I can type one up for ya :)
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Oops sorry about that :) (posting in wrong forum) My car didnt come with any front speakers and when I tried to mount the 6.5" in the factory housing I had to shave it side ways to house them in the factory housing, but it does fit in the door etc. Just tried to put 6x9's in the rear shelf but they are too wide so I'm making mdf rings and then re-carpet to mount them higher but of course going to mount them to the car :) Thank you for the advice. Oh and the stereo is in correctly and the amp etc. Really cool Kenwood DVD player, best thing is that it came with a hideaway unit in the boot, along with the battery in the boot made for easy amp and sub install, I would highly recommend it.
There seem to be total confusion here – first I think he got his posting in the wrong forum but fortunately someone was able to comment on his post about the R33 GTR Speaker Install which created some confusion because though he was told that they would fit but since it didn’t he had to do a lot of adjustments before everything was fitted and working!!
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