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£200. Located near Crowborough in East Sussex.

It was originally sold by Boostjunkies. No major dents or damage but lot of small cracks and scratches (see below), with lacquer flaking in places. PM me for pics. I'll post them if there is interest.

Back story:
Picked this up a few months ago from a guy who reckoned it was for a Spec 2 GTS-t. Of course I should've checked more carefully, but he was a long way away and he seemed honest.

It looks like R33 GTR fitment because the mounting brackets do not line up on GTS-t (too narrow), and it is not a Spec 2 fitment - headlights don't line up properly. So, 95% sure its a GTR bonnet. So, this should fit a GTS-t Spec 1 with a few minor mods (I believe, GTR mounting brackets, bonnet latch, and reposition headlights 1cm forward).

It has quite a few minor cracks and scratches, including some areas where the lacquer is very poor. Definitely needs resurfacing, like taking back and re-lacquering. There is also some crud stuck to the front from a lip spoiler (I think). Please come and take a look. To me, I think it would come up nicely with a re-finish, but I am not an expert.
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