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I`m thinking about selling the car at the end of the year to fund another project so I`m just testing the water too see what intrest is out there. I`m sure there is loads that I`v missed but I know alot of you have seen the car and know what condition its in.

The spec it :-

95 Nissan Skyline R33 GTR V-spec


Greddy T51Z Turbos
Trust Highflow downpipes/turbo outlets
Trust Forged Pistons
Trust Steel Connecting Rods
Trust Underdrive Pulleys
Nismo Bearing/Shell Set
Steel Inlet & Outlet Gaskets
Steel Head Gasket
Trust High Flow Oil Pump
Trust Sump Upgrade
HKS Adjustable Cam Gears
Step 2 Cams
Trust Hard Pipe Kit
Nismo High Flow Fuel Pump
HKS Fuel Regulator and aeroquip fittings
Trust Fuel Rail & 720cc injectors
Trust Iridium Spark Plug Set
Trust Valve Springs
Tomei Oil Restrictor
Gas Flowed & Ported Cylinder head
Split Fire Coil Packs
Jun Head Stud Kit
Jun Mains Stud Kit
Nismo cool running Thermostat
Oil Catch Tank
Trust Racing Intercooler
Trust Blow Off Valve
Trust Oil Cooler Kit
Apexi Power FC & Boost Kit
HKS Induction Kit
Dynamic Engine Balance
Nismo Air flow meters
HKS Hyper muffler
Decat pipe
Lots of polished bits
Colourcoded cam covers


O/S Gieken Tripple plate clutch

Wheels & Suspension:

18x10 Nismo GT3 with Dunlop Formula-R road slicks
HKS Hyper Damper Coilovers
DBA Racing Discs and Mintex pads


Trust front bumper spoiler
N1 bumper vents
Nismo Carbon b-pillar trims
Nismo Carbon Spoiler end caps
Tinted Windows
Full Respray in Standox Catalunyna Splash (flip paint)



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