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Hi all,

Testing the water as its time to get something new. If it doesnt sell then i will obviously keep as its a great bit of kit.

Here goes on the spec. Pictures will follow

1995 R33 GTR in silver with just over 20k miles

Engine spec

Nismo N1 block
2.7l engine (not stroked)
Apexi V-max SPL Pistons with cooling channels
Trust con-rods
R34 crank with bigger oil journals and also balanced
ACL race bearings
Trust oil pump
Trust extended sump with baffles
N1 water pump

Fully ported head
Apexi V-max 280 dgree cams with 10.8mm lift which are not lumpy on idle surprisingly enough
Apexi valve springs
Bronze valve guides
Tomei 1.2mm headgasket
700cc SARD injectors
Nismo 280lph in tank fuel pump
Tomei fuel rail
Nismo fuel pressure regulator

Greddy intake plenum
Trust T517-z turbos with 10cm housing capable of around 700bhp
Nismo turbo elbows
Apexi induction kit
Custom made hard pipe kit
Apexi GT exhaust
RSR downpipes
Blitz intercooler
Mocal 19 row oil cooler with braided oil lines
Greddy sandwich plate with thermostat on the block (not relocated)

OS-Giken Tripple plate clutch which is by far the best clutch i have had on any of my skylines
OS Giken gearkit (this is a possibility and not confirmed)
Nismo uprated diffs
Rays 19 inch TE37's in bronze
Virtually new Goodyear tyres
Rays locking wheel nuts
Tein suspension

Nismo 320kmh clocks not converted to mph
Apexi Power FC Pro AP engineering version with controller
Z32 Air flow meters
Greddy Profec B-spec 2 boost controller
Deffi tripple guage cluster repalcing the std unit with Oil pressure, water temp and oil temp
Greddy A pillar pod with Deffi boost guage and EGT guage
Deffi controller installed inside centre armrest
Nismo titanium gear knob
1997 interior with red inserts
Nismo B-pillar carbon garnishes
Nismo rear wing end cap carbon garnishes
Nismo bonnet lip
Nismo rear end spats
Catch tank with braided hoses
Polished and chromed cam covers
New MOMO steering wheel with hub to cancel airbag light
Clifford Concept 600 alarm

I think thats it in terms of spec. If i have forgotten anything i will add it later along with some pictures of the car.

All mapping and engine work has been carried out by tweenierob so any questions regarding reliability can also be verified by him.

The car was dynoed around 6 months ago and produced (from what i remember) 620bhp at around 1.3bar.
The car does drive like a dream. Oil pressure from cold is around 7bar which is excellent and drops to just over 2 bar once temps reach around 85 degrees. Whilst driving the Trust oil pump really comes to life where pressure through the rev range is alot higher (usually by 1 bar or more) over the std ensuring everything is properly lubricated.

The car has been problem free and a dream to drive. The clutch is very easy to handle compared to others i have had in prevous skylines.

As mentioned im not in a hurry to sell by any means and if it doesnt go i wont lose any sleep over it.

Selling her for £17500 ono which is a bargain considering the condition and spec of the car.


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