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Hello Folks,

Tried using the search but it would not come up with specific information about different clutch kit's and the feel of the pedal.

My RB25DE Clutch on a DET engine is wearing out slowly...
It still works fine, but slips in second gear when driven quick.

Next year is going to be a good year, since Iam planning on doing a RB26DETT swap.
She already has the 4WD so why not the engine and make it a 4 door GTR!?

Here's what I'm looking for:

- OEM/soft pedal feel
- Capable up to 500BHP and the Torque
- Good availability
- Can withstand a good launch in 2nd gear

The budget also matters ofcourse, but I would like to know how much to spend on a good clutch which will last me a very good time.

So far I have come up with my own find:

ATS Carbon Clutch

It is quite expensive and Im looking to spend less, but if this is the price I should be considering than that leaves me no choice :)

Any other suggestions? It should be used as a daily driver... So no heavy clutches.
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