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r33 gts-t wont start :(

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Hi guys and first of all hello to you all. I come bearing a problem that i hope you may be ably to help me with. My r33 gts-t broke down on saturday morning and i have not been able to diagnose the problem

car just cut out and wont start
changed plugs and checked all coils all are firing
plugs are comeing out soaking so i know its getting fule
car has good compresion in all cylinders
all pipes from turbo to intercooler to throttle body


cheers Johnny
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starter motor?

does it even make a click noise when you turn the key?

oh wait it cut out whilst on the move?
Welcome! obviouse one have you checked battery connections? How did it just stop?
it will spin no problem got a new cas comeing tomoro iv also been advised that the fpr might had failed as the plugs are soaking
Flooded engine ?
i would check all your earth points fella ive had this before and one of the earths had came off so its worth a look mate
i would check all your earth points fella ive had this before and one of the earths had came off so its worth a look mate
Can you use your electrics or is the power completely out?

Did anyone find out how to sort this cause my car has just done the same and I ran all the same checks and everything seems to be working fine?
is the timing belt ok
sat night was sittin in my r33 2.0litre straight waiten for it to heat up and the car just shut off its trying to start but isnt fireing the negitive on the batry was broke so replaced that and tryed it and nothing tryd disconecting the batry completley and notheing tryd resetting the fob for the alarm by taking ot the batry andf still nothing the blue light on the dash that normally flashes when the alarm is on is on constantley now and i havent a clue what to do can some one help and i also need parts for it if you know any one selling a clutch and an lsd cos i cant find one anywhere for it
Clutch eBay

Alarm remove and burn it stat!!! it sounds like a clifford
hi lads , i have the same problem with my one , i change the (injectors 550 , apexi turbo, japspeed manifold , 1.5 mm gasket cosworth , intercooler , boost controller blitz fited , oil cath tank , warllboro fuel pump , plugs , z32 afm and i try to start with the apexi ecu and nothing , after i took of the ecu apexi and afm z32 replacing with standart ecu and afm and again nothing ! some one have idea whats wrong ? thanks
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