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R33 GTS25 NA Brake parts for US owners

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For those who are in the United States that don't know how to look for parts or is able to find brake parts for their car. This thread will be here for people to reference when finding break parts. Use this info at your own risk. I am just posting what I have observed while working on this car. Please do your own research when looking for these parts.

I've been scouring forums looking for brake parts for my '93 r33 gts25 4 door. For some reason, its very hard to find brake parts for this car because its 4 lug. All of the discussions that I see from people with the same issue are met with the response similar to "just swap the hubs to 5 lug". For those that Like 4lug, or for those that can't perform a hub swap, I will be posting all of the part numbers, US equivalent(if available), and notes on the parts if necessary. It's just weird to me that these cars have been around for this long, and people can't find proper replacements for this car.

Now there are some things that need to be brought to your attention. From the info that I could gather, (I could be wrong but this is the info that I have on hand) the NA version of the r33 had 2 versions of NA models, an rb20de(gts), and rb25de(gts25). For some stupid reason, they decided that the NA versions will be getting 4 lug hubs instead of 5. There are differences between the 2 versions when it comes to rotors. I will be only discussing parts for the rb25 model but if I find more info on the rb20 version, I will probably make another thread.

For starters, We need to know the size for the front and rear rotors. There have been people that tried installing s13 rotors for the rear of their skyline. What people never mentioned, was the year that the s13 was (because it matters). Here are the dimensions of the front and rear rotors as well as the OEM part number for research.

Front Rotor (4020617U00):
  • Diameter:280 mm
  • Brake Disc Thickness:26 mm
  • Minimum Thickness:24 mm
  • Centering Diameter:68 mm
  • Height:50.5 mm
  • Pitch Circle Diameter:114.3 mm
Rear Rotor(4320615U00):
  • Diameter:266 mm
  • Brake Disc Thickness:9 mm
  • Minimum Thickness:8 mm
  • Centering Diameter:68 mm
  • Height:??? mm
  • Pitch Circle Diameter:114.3 mm

From what I have tested, the front rotors can be swapped with the 2007 Nissan Versa 1.8L L4. The only difference is the thickness (24mm thick, 22mm Min thickness).
You can use the rear rotors from a 1988 200sx 1.8L(s13). Not the USDM version as the rotor is completely different. The overseas version is an exact fit because this rotor was used for the NA skyline as well.

Here comes the tricky part: The Break Pads!!!

The OEM number for the rear pads is: AY060NS008. You can use the rear brake pads from a 1990 Infiniti M30 3.0L V6. The Infiniti M30 shares the same rear rotors as the '93 skyline gts25.

The OEM number for the front pads is: AY040NS097. American version is unavailable right now, but they share the same pads with a '93 - '02 Nissan Laurel.

This is all of the information that I have for now and will be updating when new discoveries have been made...
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After conducting more research for these brake parts, I have come to a few conclusions:
Finding the front brake pads for this car is near impossible. Here is some additional information while I was doing some research.

Front brake pads alternate part number: Bosch 0986424340
Please note that when finding parts for this model skyline with 2 pot front calipers, there will be 2 types of brake pads. 151.3mm x 48.5mm x 16.8mm happens to belong to my caliper (1993 ER33 GTS type G) however if you do find them, they are pretty pricy. The other size is 137mm I believe. Please measure your brake pad to find the right size.

For the rear rotors: Blue Print ADN14348
While researching, finding this rotor is a pain in the ass for us in America. The 200sx was a contender however it ultimately did not fit. You would need to purchase this one as it is for the skyline. This skyline, like a lot of other skylines, uses the rotors for brake shoes meant for the e-brake.

ATTEMPT AT YOUR OWN RISK: I will be replacing my front calipers with the 4 pot caliper from a USDM 1991 Nissan 300zx.
Here are my reasons:
1. Although the front rotors on the 300zx are 5 lug, it shares the same size as the gts25(280mm).
2. Finding the OEM brake pads for this model is very hard. (As explained already)
3. This will make it easy for us in the US to find brake parts for this car.

I will be testing this method out soon and will document anything noteworthy.

In addition. My plan with this car (and all import cars) is to try to find alternative parts in America, so that it would be easier to own these legendary import cars, without spending an arm and a leg for parts. Seeing as these cars never made it to the US market, it is very difficult to find essential parts like brake rotors and pads for example.

That should be all of the information needed to easily find brake parts for the R33 GTS25 NA. If there is more information that I find, I will be posting it here.
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Well I'll be! Not bad, friend.
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