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R33 Gtst Bee r rev limiter problem

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Car is r33 gtst series 1 with Orginal ECU. I havent cut any of the wire loops in the box (white, grey, brown).I have the wires in these pins. Green wire 41, Yellow wire 42, Red wire 49, black wire 50. Gain set to 1 and rev1 to 7 and it cuts really slow. And its not constant. Sometimes it pauses for a second and starts cutting all over the place. Rev1 and rev2 works great and cuts allways at my desired rpm but the gain does not seem to do anything. I have notised that if i press the gas pedal gently it will cut fast but when i press the pedal all the way down it starts to hesitate. So i dont have control over the cut speed... Please help meee
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Remove it
This man speaks sense. They are a balls of a thing
I've got one. Wish i never bought it.
It blew out my turbo gaskets and knackered my spark plugs within a week.
Safe to say it's getting removed!
I fitted one and only use it to lower the redline....When i first had it i did blow the gasket showing my mate,needless to say i learned from that lesson.
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