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i brought a boot with a gtr spolier on but as it wasnt as good condition as my origanal one i have desided to sell it (with out the spoiler ) its not in perfect condition but is ok if you have had a rear end smack or want a boot for modifing , the is a slight dent on one of the corners (not too noticable )
and there is a scratch where the spoiler met the boot along the edge , where the boot had the spoiler attached it is a different shade than the rest of the boot , its in blue/green same colour as my car see my garage , i will post up some pics soon but if you cant wait pm me your email and ill send you some pics .

Only want £30 for it collected , can arrange postage but it will cost alot due to weight

i might have a series one spoiler soon with break light (all leds work) in very good condition pm if interested :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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