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R33 GTST caliper rebuild

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Hey guys,

I am in the process of rebuilding my calipers after having them powder coated, and I read that there is a gasket that goes between the caliper halves? I can't seem to find it anywhere and I've got aftermarket seal kits but nothing to go between them. Anyone have any ideas? Can post pics if it helps at all.

Cheers :D
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To my knowledge no caliper has a gasket due to the hydraulic pressure involved the usual method is to use a recessed O ring between the two halves of the caliper.
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Can confirm there is no gasket as such. Just seals and O rings. I had mine rebuilt by a man as there was a bit of machining to be done.
On very rare occasions new seals may leak. The bugger is they will test out great on a test rig at high pressure but let-by at operating pressures. This happened to me. Guy who rebuilt them had no trouble getting slightly oversize seals. Supplier also does rebuilds and confirmed this was a problem they faced from time to time, hence the oversize kit.
Ah sweet, I checked my seal kits and they only have the piston seals and stuff, no seal for the caliper halves. Will check with the brake people to see if they can sort it. The powdercoater got a bunch of powdercoat on the inside of the caliper, was a cheap job but they didnt bother trying to mask it off so gonna see what I can get done about it, hopefully they can be cleaned up without much hassle!
Ah pity, was gonna say if you haven't split them then don't worry about it. Powdercoat scrape off with a razor blade ok? Shouldn't be that hard. Also I would think in Aus/NZ you could get a full seal kit pretty easy. He'll you could even ask nissan.
I used to work for BNT (aftermarket parts) and got the kit through there, I called around the usual suppliers and the kits are all pretty much the same. HOWEVER, one of the suppliers I called has a listing for the internal seal between the caliper halves, having to check the dimensions of it but hopefully that's the one. If I get a part number off of it, I will gladly share it for future reference.
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