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Help! Any help is appreciated. So long story short, bought the car in Portland, drove it back to denver. Has the NEO motor in it. No issues at all until I was around denver that when going to idle while driving or coming to a stoplight, the car would die. Starts right back up though. Had it tuned (thought it was due to altitude), didn’t change it and tuner didn’t notice it. Then after a few weeks or so, when turning to the right and giving it gas, I would get nothing. It would die. Only when turning right. Now it sputters at low speeds around town like it’s misfiring. On the highway it gets better though.
I’ve checked the pump, checked battery and grounds (I believe all of them), has new coils and new fuel pump. After some research, I read the ground for the fuel pump is attached to the fpcm. However, I cannot find the fpcm anywhere. Removed rear seats, looked on the rear deck, it’s not there.
Any thoughts or help about what is happening?
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