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hi all
i have just finished a top mount set up on my gtst and i have no need for these bits any more they or all in good working order they were just replaced with uprated parts.
prices DOES NOT include p&p, i will be able to post small things but the large things are pick up only.

spec 2 turbo with feed pipe and elbow- £130 no post
spec 2 exhaust manifold- £50 no post
spec 2 intake manifold (lower half)- £30 no post
spec 2 plenum (great for front intake mod)- £40 no post
spec 2 AFM (pink label) good working order- SOLD
spec 2 throttel body- £25 posted
spec 2 intake pipe wiv standered dump valve- £20 posted
spec 2 exhaust manifold shealds- £10 posted
spec 2 stock coil packs (all working fine)- £55 posted
spec 2 stock injectors (all working fine)- £55 posted
white leather gear gator and hand brake gator-£7 posted
ripspeed steering wheel in black- £20 posted
spec 1 boss kit wiv (air bag and horn) does not fit hicas- £30 posted
spec 2 stock ECU- £45 posted

pm me if u want pics of anything or interested in anything.
or give me a tex on 07799431711

cheers dan


1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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