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R33 GTST Weird knocking sound and fuel problems

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Hello I bought a nissan skyline r33 gtst for 4 days a real dream. But now I'm starting to regret it a bit because I really think I bought a pig in a poke. My car has 3 problems of which I think 1 is really bad!

Problem 1
I think the car has a fuel problem!
When I was driving I gave full throttle once and then 1 minute later the car suddenly cut out.
I couldn't get the car started again, I then waited for 2 minutes and then the car started again.
I then drove on quietly and 2 kilometers further it fell out again.
Then waited 5 minutes then the car started again.
Then I drove another 25km 30km and then I gave it full throttle again and when I braked for a traffic light the car stalled me again and I couldn't get it on.
Then I really waited for 20 minutes and it turned on again.
Row 200m he turned me off again and I really stood for 1 hour.
Then I thought I'd throw in some petrol, just to be clear, the tank gauge just started running so there should definitely still be 50L in the tank.
Then I filled up 10L and started the car right away and drove home.
The next morning I drive home, I press the clutch for a threshold and yes, the car cuts out again.
Can't start the car again and then called a friend if he could bring me 10L of petrol.
I threw in the 10L and yes the car started again then I drove to the gas station and to my surprise I was able to add 4.63L to be exact and it was full again.
I really don't get it at all, so I'm really sick of this.
Because I have seen that the gas tank runs over the exhaust, so the tank has a kind of U shape that it does not spill the gas, what is going wrong here.
Also when I'm idling some smoke comes out of the exhaust and smells like gasoline.
I also have a video of this link here so you can also get an idea.
So this is my first problem I have.

Problem 2
My car has been standing still for a really long time.
And now I saw that in cylinder 5 there was rust in the walls so I thought how is this possible.
So I suspect the car has a blown head gasket.
But again I'm not sure.
When I open the radiator when I start the car I see that it is bubbling for 5-10 seconds and then it is gone.
The coolant also remains at the same level consumes nothing!
But then I have another problem because I smell a kind of gasoline smell in the coolant.
My car runs 430 hp and I know that the RB25 head gaskets go up to 400 hp, the previous owner said that it has been replaced, but that is always a 50/50.
Today I drove the car for a good 40-45 minutes when I came back I also saw steam coming out of the radiator that was blowing off, I have to add that the cap and the rubber of it is broken.
I also have a video of it here.

Problem 3 (Worst)
I myself hear a strange ticking sound as if something is warped.
I was driving on the highway and gave it full throttle in 4 and pulled it right through to about 8500rpm then I switched to 5th and gave it gas again and as the boost built up and the boost was just there the car held in and I got an engine light, but also went out again.
Then I left the highway and when I revved higher the engine light came back and not if you drove normally.
Then I got out I went to take a piss when I came back to the car and I saw quite a bit of blue smoke.
Immediately opened the hood and I heard a light tap around the 5th cylinder, at least from behind.
Temperatures and everything were good and oil pressure too.
Immediately turned off the engine, waited for 15 minutes and then started and then it was gone.
Then the roadside assistance came who listened with such headphones and said I don't hear anything strange I just hear bearings turning.
We didn't hear anything then either because what I say after those 15 minutes the sound was gone again.
Then I wanted to restart the car and hit that car again did not start and so I come back to the fuel problem.
Then I went to get 10L again, I put it in and started the car right away.

Now 1 day later after all this happened I measured compression and on cylinder 4 5 6 the compression value was all good and on cylinder 1 2 3 the values were 0.2 bar higher.

Did an oil change right away, did not see any iron coming out of the block.

Then I started driving again tonight and didn't get the car boosted again.
Just before I got home I heard a strange kind of ticking again but a completely different ticking than what I heard 1 day before.
I'm going completely crazy I hear so many noises I just can't figure out what to do now I'm also really afraid to accelerate again because I already suspect that the mess has gone to hell. I also made a video of that strange sound I'm telling you now.

What do you think of this problem?
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